An exceptional place for an unforgettable stay!

The chateau des Arpentis was at one point a fief and une Seigneurie of Amboise. It was built on the village of Saint-Regle, an old fief of chateau d’Amboise, not far from the Lamasse stream.

The location of the village is remarkable, not far from la cite Royale d’Amboise, which is located in the heart of Touraine, in between Tours and Blois.

The first well-known lord was Christophe Thomas in 1313. Around 1410, the chateau became the property of Jean du Bois, majordomo of the Duke of Guise.

During 16th century, it became the property of the military, and then in 1612, Louis Charles d’Albert, Duke of Luynes, became the owner, and it is also where King Louis XIII was invited to diner on the 20th of June 1619.

During the 17th century, the terrace was built on the walls that surround the moat and castle. The castle was restored in the 19th century. Now, the property is in the center of a peaceful park of 30 hectares, which intersect the Lamasse stream and a pond.